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Frasers Group confirms intention to go fur-free

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: PETA

Frasers Group has told the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that it will be going fur-free in the future.

According to a statement from the organisation to FashionUnited, the fashion conglomerate, which owns the likes of Sports Direct, Flannels and House of Fraser, sent letters to its brands and suppliers that no fur products are to be supplied.

PETA director of corporate projects, Yvonna Taylor, said on the news: “PETA tips its vegan hat to new Frasers Group CEO Michael Murray for recognising that fur is the product of a violent, bloody industry and for making the sensible and humane decision to ban its sale across the company’s brands.

“Today’s consumers don’t want to spend their money on the fur of tortured animals, and anyone who still sells it is out of touch with the time.”

The decision comes following numerous protests established by a coalition of animal rights groups, including PETA, Human Society UK and Four Paws, which took place at House of Fraser stores.

PETA also brought the issue into the group’s boardrooms, after the organisation bought stock in the business in 2020 as an attempt to protest its sale of fur.

The strategy came as part of PETA’s shareholder campaign, which has seen it invest in an array of clothing companies, including Boohoo, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss, as it looked to gain access to shareholder meetings.

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