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SAF joins hands with Goonj for 1st ‘Texathon’


SAF joins hands with Goonj for 1st ‘Texathon’

By Meenakshi Kumar

4 Jul 2017

For last 50 years Mumbai’s Sasmira is a landmark with strong roots in textile sector. The institute which has trained over 30,000 professionals run businesses globally, has come together to form Sasmira Alumni Foundation (SAF) to give an impetus to a cause which truly needs to be voiced. The concept, aptly titled ‘No Naked Child’, is an unique initiative which aims to provide clothing to under privileged children across the country by hosting Texathon, an annual affair which is an effort to galvanize the alumni and others from the textile industry in a unique. The world's 1st textile community run, ‘Texathon’, is scheduled July 9, 2017.

At the onset of the major announcement of the tie-up with Goonj, a national NGO recognized for its vast reach in addressing basic need of clothing through its various campaigns across the country, SAF will reach out to many helping hands to give their surplus to the No Naked Child cause. This will be done through financial contributions by spending on stitching of fabrics as well sourcing surplus garments from the industry. Charan Ahuja, Project Head No Naked Child, Sasmira Alumni Foundation (SAF) says over the next two weeks, SAF proposes to have a garment collection drive at across places in Mumbai for students, alumni, textile companies and the public in general to give sparingly used clothing, fabrics and garment surplus for the cause of 'No Naked Child".

This marathon will give a chance to people to participate in an initiative which will help in clothing underprivileged children. The aim is to raise funds to support ‘No Naked Child’.