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CarbonVero tool launched to track energy consumption in the diamond industry

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Credits: Andre Messika Diamonds LTD; diamonds

Diamond trading company Andre Messika Diamonds LTD has launched a new carbon emission and energy consumption tracking tool in partnership with diamond technological solutions provider Sarine Technology LTD.

The CarbonVero tool can track and calculate the carbon emissions of individual natural diamonds from the mine to fully polished state, including the energy consumption during the diamond manufacturing process through Sarine’s traceability solution.

The tool utilises foundation measurements conducted by environmental consultancy The Carbon Trust and offers a calculation that reflects the operational emissions, including annual input of materials, energy, transportation, processing, ancillary and waste data. This is then combined with Sarine’s technologically based tracking of each individual diamond to offer a comprehensive dataset that can be tailored to a customer’s reporting needs.

The dataset will be included as part of Sarine’s Diamond Traceability reporting and will cover Scopes 1, 2 and 3 – data from the mining organisation, De Beers Namibia, through to the cut and polished product, with further capability to include freight distribution beyond the factory right up until the polished diamond reaches the client’s door.

Andre Messika Diamonds and Sarine Technology launch traceability tool for diamond industry

As part of the wider framework of measurements, The Carbon Trust added that it has calculated a Product Carbon Footprint which tracks the diamond from mine through to Andre Messika’s Namibian factory and then the polished diamond distribution pathway to create a blueprint for raw data capture.

The diamond trading company said it will apply CarbonVero to all its Namibian diamonds going forward, as it continues to explore supply chain insights and add a new layer to traceability that traces the carbon impact.

Andre Messika, founder and chairman of Andre Messika Diamonds, said in a statement: “We are extremely proud that our innovation of disclosing carbon emission and energy consumption data per each individual polished diamond has come to fruition thanks to our partnership with Sarine.

“I always believed in disclosure, innovation, and technology, and CarbonVERO has arrived to supply all of this for the natural diamond industry.”

David Block, chief executive officer of Sarine, added: “We take pride in being part of another innovative initiative that adds an additional layer of transparency, providing crucial information about the energy emitted during the diamond processes, from mining through the entire manufacturing process.

“Our commitment is to deliver this data with the highest level of assurance, enabling the industry to offer sustainable products and ensure a promising future. David Block added: It is a pleasure for us to collaborate with Andre Messika once again, reaffirming his belief in transparency, excellence, and benefiting the industry.”

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