Lakme Fashion Week: The Woolmark Company x Pero x Bhuttico

In association with high-end fashion label Péro from New Delhi and the wool weavers’ co-operative Bhuttico from Himachal Pradesh, India, The Woolmark Company brought a unique fashion experience to the ‘Sustainable Fashion Day’ of Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019, showcasing a special collection of ‘Grown in Australia, Made in India’ handmade Merino wool textiles and fashion that combined craft, culture and heritage.

“Our co-created collection with Péro and Bhuttico highlights Merino wool and Indian craftsmanship seamlessly, pushing creative boundaries. The extra weft weaving technique is a new technique Bhuttico and Péro are exploring with Merino wool. We are excited to showcase Merino Wool along with Péro and Bhuttico at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019,” said Dilip Gianchandani, The Woolmark Company’s country manager for India.

Lakme Fashion Week: The Woolmark Company x Pero x Bhuttico

Péro designer Aneeth Arora was inspired by the work of the artisans of the picturesque town of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh and helped visualise the revival of traditional geometric patterns of “Pattu” in monochrome colours, thus capturing the essence of the ongoing conversation on promoting local artists and artisans. The result is a unique grunge-chic collection in blue tones, khaki and off-white.

“This collection is very close to my heart as it has given me the opportunity to work with The Woolmark Company and showcase Merino wool in a new avatar. Given the inherent versatility of the fibre, it can be woven into intricate patterns without causing any aberration to the design. The fabrics were meticulously woven by the weavers of Bhuttico using the extra weft technique where each thread is inlayed by hand to create patterns while weaving the fabric on the loom, a technique as intricate as hand embroidery. We are excited to have showcased this collection that pays homage to our handloom industry,” commented Arora at the presentation at Lakme Fashion Week on Thursday evening.

Lakme Fashion Week: The Woolmark Company x Pero x Bhuttico

The collection combines Merino wool with traditional Indian weaves and techniques and is an immaculate demonstration of the craftsmanship of the weavers and designer and the seamless partnership between all three brands. The collection also used recycled water- repellent tarpaulin with special handwoven Kushi Kullu tapes, transforming the garments into more functional, flexible pieces.

Lakme Fashion Week: The Woolmark Company x Pero x Bhuttico

“Lakmé Fashion Week is one of the largest and most renowned fashion weeks in the country and we are really excited to partner with The Woolmark Company for the third time. Bringing a fresh technique to Merino wool, we have explored the technique of extra weft weaving where intricate patterns are woven into the fabric, literally like, embroidery on the loom. Through this collaboration with The Woolmark Company and Péro not only do we get to present our craftsmanship at Lakmé Fashion Week, but we also get to bring the designs from our local town and retail them here. Péro will further take the fabric created with Merino wool to international markets which will give us recognition at a global level,” said Bhuttico’s chairman Satya Prakash Thakur.

The collection, which comprises of Merino wool articles that are durable, versatile and trans-seasonal and thus ideal for such a varied climate as found in countries like India, will be available in 250 to 300 stores in 35 countries worldwide.

Lakme Fashion Week: The Woolmark Company x Pero x BhutticoPhotos: courtesy Lakme Fashion Week

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