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MCM expands to clothing with gender-neutral underwear

By Dale Arden Chong

16 Dec 2019


German leather goods brand MCM is moving further into the fashion industry with the addition of gender-neutral underwear and loungewear, which will also be the brand’s first foray into ethically and sustainably produced clothing.

The Korean-owned European brand—which is led by creative director Dirk Schönberger will be launching its debut underwear and loungewear collections in mid-January, according to WWD. The 13-piece foray into fashion includes boxers, briefs, cropped tops, leggings and more. The collection is based on the brand’s new aesthetic, which comprises of ‘70s-inspired contemporary sportswear.

As MCM continues to expand its brand and further establish its presence, the company will be opening flagship stores and experiential retail spaces in the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East.

Image: MCM Facebook