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NYFW: threeASFOUR - spring/summer 2022

By FashionUnited


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Image: Randy Brooke

threeASFOUR’s tech-fused collaboration was an exploration of how our chakras could be infused to our fashion sense. The collection was titled “Kundalini”, named after Hindu concept of the form of divine feminine energy believed to be located at the base of the spine. The collection encompassed, quite literally, every shade of the rainbow. Each color was meant to represent a different mood and elements like air, fire, and water.

The collection was a collaboration between threeASFOUR and printing company Kornit, so seven different prints were developed to represent each chakra. “Chakras are something very universal,” said one of Kornit’s three designers, Adi Gil, to FashionUnited. “The other designers and I are always looking for inspirations that are very universal and can connect all nations using color. We believe that we are all connected as human beings. We need this idea now more than ever in our present times.”

Gil said the theme of this collection is so important after the aftermath of 2020 because, “It’s important to remind ourselves that we are connected to our planet. Things are happening for us, and sometimes things like COVID-19 lockdowns happen to remind us to respect our planet and connect to nature and each other.”

The technology used to create this collection was very sustainable because the printing technology for the prints is very low waste and uses a minimal amount of water. threeASFOUR continues to be on a quest for new ways to make production more sustainable to save the planet.

The collection featured laser cut fabrics, origami pleats, mixed textures and garments sculpted from grosgrain ribbon. Pieces were created in structural avant garde shapes as well as form fitting styles and loose-fitting silhouettes. Variety and color were the mothers of invention throughout the collection.

Image: Randy Brooke
Image: Randy Brooke
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