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French footwear brand Veja enters India

By Shubhangi Bidwe


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Clothing brand Bhaane has brought French low-impact footwear brand Veja to India. Veja sneakers are made from eco-friendly materials with a sustainable production process. A small selection of the brand’s V-10 men’s and women’s sneakers will be available in Veg-Non Veg’s flagship store in New Delhi. Veg-Non Veg is a multi-brand sneaker store.

Urban-contemporary clothing brand Bhaane opened in 2012. The product is meant to highlight the person wearing it and not to highlight the clothing itself. This was driven by the realization that that it’s important to have a tangible access point to share what the brand and community are about. The pricing point for Bhaane has made it accessible to the urban youth. Another advantage is the backing of a large manufacturer. The idea is to create a community of young creatives in India. For Bhaane, the medium is clothes, but it often associates with like-minded brands who use a different medium to do so.

Veja prides itself on making sneakers differently and its vision combines fair trade, ecology, the economy, social initiatives and the environment. Veja uses organic or recycled and fairly traded cotton for the canvas of the shoes and wild and fairly traded rubber for the soles. Recycled plastic bottles are also used to create technological fabrics.