Fashion Industry Statistics India

General data

Population: 1,324 million
Labor force: 497 million
Unemployment rate: 7%
GDP per capita (PPS): 1,586 Dollar

Textile and clothing industry

Textile and clothing sector is one of the oldest industries in India. According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), “The close linkage of the textile industry to agriculture (for raw materials such as cotton) and the ancient culture and traditions of the country in terms of textiles make the Indian textiles sector unique in comparison to the industries of other countries”.

The Indian textile industry is estimated around 108 billion dollar and expected to reach 223 billion dollar by 2021. The industry also employs over 45 million people directly to 60 million people indirectly. The Indian Textile Industry contributes approximately 5 per cent to India’s gross domestic product (GDP), and 14 per cent to overall Index of Industrial Production (IIP). The textile industry is also one of the largest contributor to India’s export with approximately 13.5 percent of total export amounting 42.24 billion dollars.

Fashion Companies

Brands like Benetton, Zodiac, Z3, Zara, Vero Moda, Calvin Klein, Diesel and Tommy Hilfiger have experienced good sales growth in the country, while names like Zara, Armani, Forever21 or Uniqlo appeal to the Indian audiences, attracting higher per square foot sales compared to the departmental or hypermarket stores.

On the other hand, Indian companies like the Arvind group, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Raymond Apparel, Trent Retail, Reliance Retail and Future Group has launched their own fashion labels.

Company name: Market value Annual revenue Company type
Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail 3 billion dollar 400 million dollars Public
Vardhman Group 1.7 billion dollar 1.1 billion dollars Public
Arvind Limited 1.6 billion dollar 850 million dollars Public
Raymond Limited 1 billion dollar 800 million dollars Public

Consumer Expenditure

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Annual consumer expenditure on footwear and clothing: 68 billion dollars

Imports & Exports (2016)

Total exports of textile, apparel and footwear: 42.24 billion dollars

Exports of clothing and textiles: 38.7 billion dollars

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Cotton yarn: 4.02 billion dollar, 10 percent
Cotton raw 3.05 billion dollar, 8 percent
House linen: 2.72 billion dollar, 7 percent
Women’s suits, not knit: 2.56 billion dollar, 7 percent
T-shirts: 2.36 billion dollar, 6 percent
Women’s shirts, not knit 2 billion dollar, 5 percent
Men’s shirts, not knit: 1.16 billion dollar, 3 percent

Exports of footwear and headwear: 3.54 billion dollars

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Footwear, with leather body: 2.3 billion dollar, 65 percent
Parts of footwear: 392 million dollar, 11 percent
Other footwear of rubber or plastics: 325 million dollar, 9 percent
Footwear, with textile body: 140 million dollar, 4 percent

Total imports of clothing, textiles and footwear: 5.9 billion dollars

Imports of clothing: 5.41 billion dollars

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Cotton raw: 483 million dollar, 9 percent
Textile fabrics impregnated with plastics: 352 million dollar, 6.5 percent
Wool: 338 million dollar, 6 percent
Synthetic filament yarn 331 million dollar, 6 percent
Yarn of synthetic staple fibres: 208 million dollar, 4 percent
Synthetic staple fibers: 168 million dollar, 3 percent
Woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn: 163 million dollar, 3 percent

Imports of footwear and headwear: 460 million dollars

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Other footwear of rubber or plastics: 106 million dollar, 23 percent
Footwear, with textile body: 83.2 million dollar, 18 percent
Footwear, with leather body: 79.2 million dollar, 17 percent
Parts of footwear: 71 million dollar, 15 percent
Other footwear: 51.2 million dollar, 11 percent
Waterproof footwear: 21.6 million dollar, 5 percent


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