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Fashion Management

Course Summary School: Schweizerische Textilfachschule

Location: Switzerland, Zurich

Education: Master's Degree


The Master’s degree course „Fashion Management“ provides practical knowledge on how to coordinate product teams, develop fashion strategies and carry out market evaluations. It explains the latest knowledge and basics on how collections and assortments are successfully managed. Further it shows how departments involved in cooperation create sustainable added value. The Master’s degree course imparts practical and applicable methods and tools in order to be prepared for the world of „Fashion Management“.


Graduates of the Master’s degree course are able to: – Take responsibility for product and category management in a product department – Work in product development for design, R&D of textile and fashion design – Manage complex, strategic corporate projects or R&D activities – Realize unique brand environments within the framework of brand management.


The Master’s degree course covers the following areas of expertise:

Innovation and Change Management

  • Apply different research strategies and show that central academic conventions, such as textual and bibliographic references, have been understood

  • Identify future trends in fashion and textile management and apply them as sources of innovation – Implement social, ethical and moral criteria as part of the textile supply chain.

  • Implement a financial plan and assess how different business cases can affect the financial situation of a company in the fashion & textile industry

  • Critically analyse complex scenarios and implement findings for the implementation of new business processes for companies in the fashion and textile industry

  • Analyse the complex framework, processes, methods and instruments in the field of change management within the context of the fashion industry
  • Fashion Management Processes

  • Critically reflect on the characteristics of fashion brands and analyze which factors of strategy and brand management influence their success

  • Engage with existing ideas of global sourcing and develop suitable ideas for application in the textile and fashion industry

  • Communicate information to a global audience based on cultural knowledge in a clear and efficient way

  • Flexibly and creatively apply innovative sales strategies of the fashion system to increase customer loyalty
  • Product Development

  • Define criteria for successful wholesale collection design and make forecasts based on past data, strategic requirements and future trends

  • Develop a product range framework and identify and assess the changes and risks of its implementation

  • Analyse and apply new techniques and future developments in design and construction and identify the benefits

  • Assess an industrial serial production and develop appropriate measures to reduce costs and improve quality – Confidently design and implement a collection concept based on relevant criteria


    On-campus teaching 2 semesters full-time

    Credit Points & Master's Thesis

    The Master (MSc) comprises a total of 180 credit points, which is equivalent to 90 ETCS. The completion of a Master‘s thesis is part of the degree programme.


    Dates and application information on > stf.ch/en/kurse/master-pm

    Degree / title

    Master (MSc) Fashion Management*


    CHF 11'900.– first semester, CHF 5'950.– second semester (incl. teaching materials, excl. excursions)


  • A recognized bachelor’s degree in textile or fashion, or a related field such as fashion or textile management (in exceptional cases another textile or fashion diploma and at least 5 years of successful professional experience in textiles or fashion)

  • An excellent academic record (final GPA of 3.0 above on a 4.0 cumulative average scale) – For non-native English speakers: a minimum score of 80 on the TOEFL or 6.0 on the IELTS exams
  • *Title awarded by University of West London