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Fashion Business

Course Summary School: IFA Paris International Fashion Academy, Paris & Shangai

Location: France, Paris

Education: Diploma


The Fashion Business short course provides the basic skills to become a fashion entrepreneur: from the drawing of the main idea to the commercialization and promotion of a comprehensive collection. A course to anyone interested in the business of fashion.

The Fashion Business short course is a complete and comprehensive 240 hour program regrouping 3 themes: Fashion Design, Fashion Buying and Visual Merchandising. Upon completion of this course, students will gain the essential skills necessary to run a personal project in fashion retail. The modules taught are structured around each step composing the development of a business plan, from research to commercialization.

Part-Time courses at IFA: A modular and customizable learning experience!

The Part-Time courses at IFA have been constructed on a unique modular planning in order to allow participants to customize their learning experience by electing
3 options:

  • Modular Learning: Students have the opportunity to select very specific modules, ranging from 16 to 24 hours, in order to address precise needs related to their current or future career paths
  • Thematic Learning: Students have the possibility to choose between 3 courses with themes focusing on introduction to Fashion Design, Foundation of Fashion Buying and Visual Merchandising
  • Comprehensive Course Learning: Students have the possibility to combine the 3 thematic within one comprehensive course titled “Fashion Business”

Courses and modules can be selected according to all needs. Students can either chose the complete set of three programs (Fashion Business course) or pick up programs and/or modules "à la carte."


  • Module 1 : Fashion Intelligence    16 hours
    A basic framework to understand how consumer profiling, seasonality and geographic specificities influence a modern buyer’s strategy.
  • Module 2 : Fashion Merchandising    16 hours
    Identify, understand and evaluate the different categories of collections/products offered by all types of fashion retailers, from fast fashion to luxury fashion houses.
  • Module 3 : Buying Principles    24 hours
    Introduction of the basic principles structuring the functions of buying. First part : focus on the roles and responsibilities of a buyer. Second part : the discovery and mastery of mathematical ratios for merchandising.
  • Module 4 : Trends Forecasts    16 hours
    Students will explore the construction of trends through practical applications. The module will take them through different universes revolving around fashion contemporary history, but also color psychology, silhouettes and design applications.
  • Module 5 : Supply Chain Management    16 hours
    A good buyer can spot products that will sell. sourcing is a key : to identify components and all steps in the supply chain process before making any purchase. This module explores all steps of the SCM, from sourcing to the distribution process, in order to provide a clear and complete picture of the fashion industry.
  • Module 6 : OTB 6 Month-plan    12 hours
    Final module to be scheduled within the training as it encompasses all the skills learned in the previous component. Students will be asked to create an OTB for a specific brand and a specific store in Shanghai for the next following season.


  • Module 1 : Drawing Figure    24 hours
    6 units to learn how to draw a woman figure from the basic skills to the creation and personalization of your own figure.
  • Module 2 : Product + Technical Drawing    24 hours
    6 units to learn the vocabulary of fashion, to recognize and describe a garment, and to learn the basic skills of technical drawing.
  • Module 3 : Color    24 hours
    6 units to learn all about colors, how to create the right color palette and to develop a collection with a successful color balance.
  • Module 4 : Inspiration and Creativity    24 hours
    6 units containing a project leading to the process of illustrating an idea and developing a creative vision.

* drawing figure will be taught in standalone course only.


  • Module1 : Visual Merchandising Principles    20 hours
    This module provides the basic visual merchandising principles and concepts in order to lay the foundation for the following, more advanced modules.
  • Module2 : Fashion Merchandising    16 hours
    Identify, understand, evaluate all categories of collections and products offered by different types of fashion retailers, from fast fashion to luxury fashion houses.
  • Module3 : Sensorial Marketing    16 hours
    Discover the universe of senses and understand how different stimuli can provide the customers with a unique shopping experience within a given retail space.
  • Module 4 : Trend Forecasts    16 hours
    Construction of trends through practical applications and universes revolving fashion contemporary history, color psychology, silhouettes and design applications.
  • Module 5 : Computer Graphics 16 hours
    Basic principles of photoshop in order to help creating mood boards and visual representations of retail spaces.
  • Module 6 : Visual Merchandising Workshop    20 hours
    Final training encompassing all the skills learned during previous components.

Students are asked to create a window display for a specific brand and a specific store in Paris or Shanghai for the next following season.

* Fashion merchandising and trend forecasts will be taught in standalone course only.

Each module can be chosen as a standalone program.


Fashion Business total fee: 4,000 Eur

Fee for each module:

- Foundation of Fashion (96 hours)  - 1,800 Eur

- Foundation of Buying (100 hours) - 1,800 Eur

- Visual Merchandising (68 hours) - 1,400 Eur

  • min. 5.5 IELTS (or equivalent English certificate)
  • min. 18 years old
  • Interest in business side of fashion