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Fashion- & Communication Design Business Administration/Fashion Management (BA)

Course Summary School: Design Department

Location: Germany, Düsseldorf

Education: Diploma

The structural framework builds the DESIGN DEPARTMENT’s five orientations –STUDIO (Design), ATELIER (Technology), LAB (Multimedia), AUDITORIUM (Theory) and MANAGEMENT.
STUDIO comprises of all the important artistic and creative learning content that you retrieve in the subjects Fashion Design (Shape and Form, Collection Development), Communication Design (Elementary Design Theory, Typography, Lay-Out Methodology, Corporate Design, Photography, Trend Presentation and Editorial Design), Artistic Expressions (Anatomical and Figure Drawing, Nude and Portrait Studies, Product and Collection Presentation, Fashion and Creative Illustration) and different projects like Moulage/Drapage, Fashion Photography, Visual Merchandising, Styling, Exhibition Design and Choreography.
ATELIER deals with the technological developments and the technical realization of fashion. Cut and Finishing Techniques, Textile Technology, Costume Design/Historical Cut and an open workshop form together with the project Basic Construction 1 + 2, Textile Surface Development/Screen Printing, Accessories (Hat/Shoe Design and Development), Special Manufacturing Processes (Fur and Leather/ Knitwear) and Special Pattern Making the teaching units, which allows complete implementation of own ideas at a high standard.
LAB comprises all essential aspects of digital application and multimedia presentation. The subjects Multimedia Design, Technical Drawing and Digital Pattern Making imparts the usage of all of the popular programmes (Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Premiere Pro, Lectra etc.) for production, image editing and magazine design.  They will be supplemented by the project Film Production (Fashion Clip).
AUDITORIUM shapes the understanding of a theoretical and market relevant view of fashion. Cultural strategies will be uncovered in the subjects Fashion Sociology, Art and Costume History and Fashion and Design History, while Scientific Working Methods train students in doing research and analysis. The English lecture divided into Basic, Advanced and Business, conveys all aspects of Fashion English (Technical English and Journalistic Editorial Types) and enables the students furthermore to communicate fluently as well as mastering their application process with confidence, both orally and written. The supplementary projects Team Development, Job Application Training and Setting Up a Business will be mediated practically and are personally aligned towards the students.
MANAGEMENT is integrated into our vocational training. We offer the degree programme Business Administration/Fashion Management (BA) in cooperation with the Steinbeis University Berlin.
The management modules are the basis for a successful start in the fashion industry or for self- employment. Business administration, economics, business management, organisation and marketing are geared towards the current issues in the fashion industry. Human Resources, accounting and controlling, financial management, statistics and trademark law are further units of the programme. Further intensified courses offer specialisation in counterfeiting and piracy, sales alliances and sales promotion as well as supply chain management, e-commerce and competition analysis as part of the degree programme.  The programme is further supplemented by an industry project conducted in cooperation with industry partners during the course of the study. This allow students to implement their theoretical knowledge directly into practise.
Taken together, the five areas allow for a holistic view of the development and marketing of fashion. The interdisciplinary orientation of the degree supplemented by practical projects allows pictorial and spatial staging of products and collections, which amounts to pivotal knowledge in the fashion industry, to take a central role in the training of students. 
The double qualification of design and management enables graduates to successfully enter the national and international fashion industry as well as prepares them optimally for possible self-employment. 
The destinations of our graduates are correspondingly diverse. They range from fashion designers, trend specialist, fashion editors, and stylists to product management, purchasing, sales and fashion marketing.
Graduates of the Design Department work both for large vertical businesses as well as international designer labels.
Bachelor of Arts BA (210 ECTS)
Tuition fees: €640 per month
One-off Registration fee: €700
One-off Graduation costs: €700
Location: Düsseldorf