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Fashion Short Courses (Fashion Design - Fashion Styling - Trend Forecasting)

Course Summary School: Milan Fashion Campus

Location: Italy, Milano

Education: Diploma

Courses Open all the Year round - Enrollment every Monday
Suitable also for Students without fashion background
The Woman's Wear Design Course is to prepare the student for the professional Reality of the fashion world, not only developing the individual creativity, but also to acquire the necessities of the Fashion Industry.
The Menswear Design Course will allow students to develop the sense of taste that is needed to design clothes for men. Milan is famous for its best Menswear Collection. 
The Accessory Design Course will allow students to learn how to draw a handbags and shoes based on their own creativity as well as keeping the practical use of the item. 
Lingerie and Swimwear Design Course will allow the student to acquire the ability to draw the human body preparing understanding the natural body line of a human body.
The Bridal Wedding Design Course is not only dedicated for those who want to learn how to design modern Italian Style Wedding Dresses, but also for those who wants to improve his professional skills.
The Celebrity Fashion Design Course will allow students to learn how to create a trend conscious celebrity style. 
The Fashion Illustration Course is not only the design or representation of a garment, but more of an art form. Also it is an alternative way for creative people that enjoy fashion and want to express in a different way how fashion design inspires them
Vintage Restyling Course, even now in the biggest fashion houses, they refer back to their roots and the vintages pieces for inspiration. Also, trends come and go but they eventually come back in decades ahead in a different form.
The Fashion Sketching Course is to develop the ability o sketch understanding the construction of garments. This course is for those who want to draw product sketches in a in quick way.
The Fashion Trend Forecasting Course will allow students to learn how to plan a product in relation to current trends. From the colour to the fabric to the silouhettes and the target concepts in relation to the fashion trends. 
Fashion Collection Desig Course creativeness is difficult to explain, especially in fashion. For example the design of a dress is only fully pictured in the mind of a designer.
The Fashion Textile Workshop will allow students to understand the characteristics of textiles which will allow to gain knowledge on how silhouettes can be expressed.