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Brandzstorm brings Levi’s watches to India


Brandzstorm brings Levi’s watches to India


2 Dec 2011

Brandzstorm India, a leading distributor of premium fashion

brands has launched a Levi’s collection of luxury and stylish timepieces. Targeted at all age groups, Levi’s four collections of watches differentiated on the basis of style, price range and target group are set to lure the Indian consumer.

Levi’s Time High Premium collection offers a blend of elegance, sophistication and aristocracy well matched with the elite segment of the society. Time Core collection is a sleek yet stylish line and goes with any ensemble. Time Core Levis girl’s collection is exclusively meant for women. And the fourth Time Standard collection reflects the colour of enthusiasm and exuberance with differently designed digital interfaces that’s unique in its own way.

All collections are priced between Rs 2,250 to Rs 7,500 and will be available at all leading multi brand watch stores, malls and fashion stores across India.