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F1 Indian Grand Prix, epicentre of hi-fashion

By FashionUnited


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Sportswear has come a long way. Now it’s not just about

wearing something similar to what the players wear on field. Fashion has entered the sportswear category in a big way. And designers are happy to create outfits not only for the players and cheer leaders but also for the audience sitting in the stadium. With the maiden Formula One Indian Grand Prix taking the nation by storm, designers too went on an overdrive to create clothes for the sports-crazy audience.

According to designer Amalraj Sengupta, going minimalist is the key to sporty fashion. For the F1 tournament, the designer had suggested short dresses with high-heeled boots for girls . Sengupta felt while watching a cricket match, its best to stick to denims and a tee, but for an F1 race one can go in for high waist pants, tees or crisp white shirts and designer bags with a pony tail tied high. Designer Mandira Wirk, who designed a couple of outfits for the grid girls, suggested that while on the stands, one should sport the colors that the grid girls do. Since F1 is as much about glamour as it is about speed, her designs for the grid girls were predominantly in shades of red and white, with a hat or a cap, which added to the entire look. She gave a sporty edge and comfortable wedges that are a favorite the season. According to designer Shivaji Dutta, F1 is different from a cricket match so while guys can stick to bright jerseys and caps, girls can wear short skirts in jersey material and clingy tops in shades matching their favourite team’s outfit.
Formula One India Grand Prix