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Levi’s develops Denizen for India


Levi’s develops Denizen for India


23 May 2011

India ranks third among Levi Strauss’ Asian outlets. Now the brand has especially created

a jeans line called Denizen. To drive growth across India, Denizen will be priced in the Rs 799 to Rs 1,499 range. Denizen is actually replacing Signature, launched in India in 2006, offering an entry level price of Rs 799. However, while Signature was developed on consumer insights based in the US market, Denizen’s brand proposition is based on consumer insights from India and China.

As a part of this shift, Signature’s 250 Indian stores are to be rebranded, while also leveraging a network spanning thousands of other outlets, giving it a deeper distribution than Levi’s. This transition from Signature to Denizen will take place over a period of next six months to a year. Levi Strauss had also previously withdrawn Dockers and Sykes from India in response to evolving consumer trends and trading conditions, thus focusing on its trademark line and Denizen. Denizen means an inhabitant. It conveys the idea of someone who frequents a particular place, the idea of belonging to a community of friends and family. With this brand, Levi Strauss is outfitting the new global citizen for a bright future, supplying jeans and other essentials for an on-the-go, engaged life.