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Levi’s launches Go Forth on Facebook


Levi’s launches Go Forth on Facebook


30 Aug 2011

With a 60-second film exclusively on Facebook and TV, Levi’s

has launched its global Go Forth campaign. Through Facebook and Levi.com, Levi’s fans and viewers are encouraged to support the spirit and influence of today’s modern pioneers who are working to create a better world. The film and digital engagement program is meant to recognize people around the globe who are stepping forward to transform the world. Initially the Go Forth digital engagement program features an online social challenge that highlights Water.org, a non-profit organization committed to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries.

Levi’s unveiled the idea in 2009. Go Forth is part of Levi’s effort to bring its global campaign and corporate citizenship message to the world. The first commercial was launched in 19 languages including Japanese, French, Spanish and German. The global campaign features good-looking, rebellious youth. As part of the project, Levi’s unveiled a series of street murals in Berlin dominated by various faces. These murals don’t have the brand name but just the words Go Forth pasted across. To help ensure fans' messages on Facebook are seen by their friends, Levi's will use a mix of Facebook advertising and sponsored stories that will appear in 24 countries. Sponsored stories is the latest Facebook marketing tool that allows brands to amplify a fan's message, ensuring that friends see the message by calling it out on the right side of the page.