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Levi’s to promote young rock bands


Levi’s to promote young rock bands


13 Apr 2010

Levi’s has completed 15 years in India. The brand that stands for

being original and the definitive statement for the free willed, resilient, courageous, plans to hunt for 15 youngsters who will embody their personality and will bring about change in their own way, in their own worlds. They will help them to turn their ‘Change Your World’ dream into reality.


As a part of this initiative is a parallel effort to bolster the young rock scene in India. Levi’s will help promising rock bands and fund a music video featuring Priyanka Chopra. The band will also be given a chance to perform in a three-city tour. Levi’s is also promoting New Age musicians through their website. Surfers can tune into a new band of sound. The chart-topping band will be selected by the people through an innovative new technology-based platform of Music Cards.

Customized Chevy beats, iPhones, MacBooks and iPod shuffles are up for grabs. On another front, the brand has associated with Chevrolet and Apple to give youngsters wearing Levi’s jeans the coolest accessories from the US. These gifts are not just incentives for those going shopping for bargains. They’re quintessentially cool statements that mirror Levi’s high design quotient, its effortless stylishness, its awe-inspiring simplicity and cult stature.