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Mustang aggressive on establishing global reach


Aiming to create a global brand by strengthening its distribution network, Mustang Sock & Accessories founded by Naazneen Katrak

26 years ago, is focusing on establishing the brand. In 2004, Naazneen Katrak collaborated with Lubeina Shahpurwala, who joined as co-director at Mustang. Their successful collaboration is evident through the production capacity the company handles today.

Mustang manufactures one million pairs of socks every month and has a presence in over 2,500 MBOs and 36 distributors across India covering almost every major market segment in India. Mustang socks manufactured in India are also exported to the Middle East, including the UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, England, Italy and the US market as well.

Mustang has been instrumental in actively introducing various interesting sock designs with a plethora of themes such as: Christmas, neon, rainbow and cartoon character collections. Over the past 25 years, Mustang has become a recognized name for families across India, and now, they look to transition and provide today’s New Age audience a variety of designs based on their fashion attire, preferences, and personality.