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Numero Uno introduces denim tattoos in India

By FashionUnited


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Numero Uno has introduced the concept of denim tattoos

in the Indian market that gives consumers an opportunity to customise and personalise their favourite jeans. Keeping in mind that every individual owning a pair of denims loves indulging in doodling designs over it, denim tattoos are insync with Numero Uno’s current campaign ‘Be the NU You’.

Denim Tattoos come as a relief to those fashion forward youth who would not mind flaunting a tattoo but would not like to bear the pain that it brings along... Others, who get bored with their existing tattoos, but cannot replace them, or add more tattoos because of the limited space on the skin... Even some others who repent having a tattoo which doesn’t go well in a professional or traditional environment. With the Nano Tattoo Machine, an initiative from Jeanologia, Spain brought to India by Numero Uno, people now can freely think of getting a design of their choice, permanently tattooed on their favorite pair of jeans.

Talking about the innovative concept, Alex Penandes, Marketing Manager, Jeanologia said, “We are experts in the laser technology and we decided to adapt this technology into smaller compact machines in order to facilitate retail interactions”.

Added Narinder Singh, MD, Numero Uno, “We wanted to use this NU innovation to give a NU experience to our customers so we got the NANO machine. This machine is going to travel to as many locations and stores as possible to give this experience to the NU the customers. This is only the first of such interactions NU is starting to take on at retail and customer levels.”
Numero Uno