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Payal Khandwala opens a boutique store in Mumbai


On the first floor of Grants Building in Colaba, Mumbai, earlier occupied by lifestyle

concept store Bungalow 8, city-based artist and designer Payal Khandwala has opened a self-designed boutique store. The designer has transformed the studio space into a black and gold coloured fashion boutique for her eponymous clothing line.

The idea was to present a concept and story idea that she believes in rather than following the narrative of other stores by stocking her collections there. The new designs showcase a lot of prints and brocades unlike her previous collections that focused on colour blocking. She now plans to work with weavers in Benaras to get her own designs created. She believes in creating designs that are not too complicated, which is why she has kept herself away from using heavy embroideries. If she plans to work on embroidery in future, she plans to keep it minimalist.

The brand's design studio is set-up adjacent to the store and will have the whole team including one master and two tailors working on her lines. Right now they are busy with a line of accessories and small leather goods.

Payal Khandwala