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The Yatra Collection unveils online store

By FashionUnited


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The Yatra Collection now offers a limited selection of its

handcrafted designs for sale online. “We are delighted to bring elements of our collection to women online,” said Rati Bahadur, who co-founded of Yatra with longtime friend, Gayatri Khosla, adding, “Launching an online Yatra store is part of our journey.”

Yatra, in Indian traditions, means journey. And that’s what the collection has been for Khosla and Bahadur, long time friends who attended boarding school together in India and realized their dreams of one day merging their creative interests in fashion to create their own label. The Yatra Collection online store currently features pieces from their Harmony Buddha Collection, which, among other handcrafted jewelry items, includes white and black lava stone bracelets and a tassel necklace featuring Indian prayer beads, pearls and both a laughing and peace Buddha.

“We plan to offer limited edition pieces throughout the year and layer in our signature tunics, pashmina stoles and more,” said Khosla and added that this is a very exciting development for us and we’re thrilled to make it easier for women everywhere to buy Yatra and color their world.
Yatra Collection