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Too many fashion weeks spoil business

By FashionUnited


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As the fashion industry gets ready for another set of fashion

weeks in the coming days, designers say that too many big and small regional fashion weeks are killing the very essence of having a fashion week. According to them, these fashion galas are becoming more of entertainment venues then business platforms. As designer Rahul Mishra puts it, “Too many fashion weeks unfortunately lack the substance.” Designer Nida Mahmood reiterates a similar sentiment saying, “Some people just get big sponsors for their shows and present just about anything on the ramp. It’s unfortunate that sometimes the value of the entire show rests on the entertainment factor and not what the designer has created.”

According to designer Jattinn Kochhar, who believes in showcasing at regional shows there are only 10 per cent people who actually do business in fashion weeks. But he feels that these shows need entertainment value to create awareness about fashion since the industry is still in a nascent stage. For designer Nikhil Mehra, fashion industry is growing only in terms of fashion shows and not fashion designers since there are very few buyers to appreciate the talent.
Jattinn Kochhar
Nida Mahmood
Nikhil Mehra
Rahul Mishra