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Chic Carissimo: Riding high on MBOs

By FashionUnited


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A Klass Fashions that offers lingerie brand Chic Carissimo is looking forward to capturing the demanding innerwear segment in India. It’s upbeat about achieving Rs 250 million in this year at an average growth rate of 60 to 70 per cent over

the next 2-3 years. Explains Geeta Singh, Director, A Klass Fashions, “Year 2011-12 has seen more than 80 per cent growth over the year 2010-11. Our marketing offices started functioning in full scale last year in their respective areas, which created direct contact points for our dealers. So the interaction has been very productive for us, in terms of pricing, new product development and overall growth. In an MBO, where there is no dearth of brands, we have managed to get a fair amount of shelf space.”

In 2011,
the brand launched its winter loungewear/sleepwear range for the first time for girls and boys under the brands Chicita and Yo Bro. “We got a positive response from our MBO network in Delhi, Punjab, Jammu and UP and along with Kolkata and the Northeast,” Singh informs. Under the Chic Carissimo line, the brand has a range of panties, especially catering to the winter markets, designed in dark palette. Colors like fushia, purple, wine, carrot, red were the predominant shades, with bright prints and stripes. Commenting on the success of its winter collection, Singh says, “Every year, we plan for the winter innerwear sales, and have always witnessed a complete ‘Sold Out’, year over year.”

For current spring/summer the brand has introduced T-shirts at attractive prices, Rs 399 for two and another range for Rs 499 for two. These are for women, girls and boys. Talking about the new range, Singh says, “We are upbeat and positive about the range. Its price points and design element is uber-cool, young and funky. The sheer soft 100 per cent cotton knit with unique prints, colors and dyes make it very attractive.”

The brand has a strong presence in MBOs all over India. Its dealer network of about 3,000-3,500 are spread across metros other cities. Brand’s share from MBOs is about 75 per cent and the rest comes from the private label. It is planning to venture into new markets like Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and interiors of MP.

This year, the company will also build an in-house facility to carry out tasks from yarn purchase, knitting, dyeing, printing, stitching and marketing.

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