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Hard Currency: Targeting 30 percent growth over 2-3 years

By FashionUnited


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Aiming for a 30 percent increase in turnover over the next two to three years, Hard Currency, the denim brand from Aru Enterprises is taking the forthcoming season as a challenge. Explaining the reasons behind this, Paresh Chandan, Proprietor,

Aru Enterprises says, “There is a drastic change in the market at present. Change in fashion has been observed which is going to make an impact on the season ahead. We don’t believe in forward bookings, since market situation and fashion change radically and we do not like to put our clients in a position where they have to purchase certain products only due to prior commitments. We rather sell what is freshly manufactured and updated to current trends.”

in 1995, Hard Currency started communicating to its target audience by sponsoring a lot of college events, which made the brand very popular. “Our presence in MBOs has increased by 50 percent. We have a large presence in south India in states like Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. We have also ventured into east and west, Assam, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Since consumer preference in the south is completely different, we are gradually adopting and settling to regional tastes. Our products were launched in the above states last Diwali, so we are expecting to be comfortable by the next festive season,” elaborates Chandan.

The brand recently revamped itself with a new logo and artwork to give a fresh look and feel. Talking about the product range, Chandan says, “Our current product portfolio comprises of denim and non-denim trousers exclusively for men. We have also launched non-denim coloured trousers to cater to the current demand.” He says “Fine finish denim and non-denims are expected to dominate the forthcoming season. Non-denims in vibrant unconventional colors will stay on for this summer as well. Change in styles observed is in pockets this season, scoop pockets and cross pockets seem to be making a comeback,” he adds.
Hard Currency