OK’s Boys: EBOs in Mumbai by 2014

Launched in 2005, OK’s Boys from Seema Enterprise began its journey by making T-shirts for children and then added shirts to its product portfolio. “We offer premium products and with the entry of big brands, the market has become very competitive,

so it’s been a roller coaster ride,” explains Amit Bhayani, Director, Seema Enterprise. Apart from T-shirts and shirts, the brand now also has a collection of jackets and blazers and plans to launch a French linen range of shirts this summer.

CommentingOK’s Boys: EBOs in Mumbai by 2014 on their retail presence, Bhayani says, “We are in 200 MBOs all over India and are now looking at Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Tripura, Mizoram to spread the brand’s reach. By 2014, we plan to launch four to five exclusive outlets in Mumbai. We are also planning a tie up with brands that can offer a bottoms line at our stores. Apart from the domestic market, we also venture into the European market with our own label.”

With Rs 12 crores turnover the company has seen 60 per cent year on year. And now it is building its website to make the product range available online and is looking at a tie up with Google and Facebook for brand promotion through social media. “We want children to take the purchasing decisions so that we grow. While designing, we keep the fashion aspect in mind and are inspired by adult clothing ideas, but only to an extent, because we have to keep kids’ comfort in mind. For the age-group 8 to 16, we look at adult clothing, but for younger children, comfort is the prime focus”, Bhayani elaborates.

Bhyani believes every consumer big or small,needs to be pampered and catered to and even given services like home delivery. “This is the reason big stores do not do as much business as mom and pop stores. I find junior wear a very comfortable category to operate in because children are very receptive to fashion but then fashion itself is a challenge because children can be fickle about their choices,” he adds.

On a positive note, Bhayani feels right now junior wear is growing by 12 per cent and with FDI this growth is going to be enhanced because everyone will learn something. “Growth may go up to 20 or 25 per cent. And I would like to get a market share of about two per cent. I think, small towns are where growth is, so they will be our focus area.”