Revolutionising the concept of retail spaces in India, Puma opened its first global sustainable store in Indiranagar, Bangalore. The store is locally developed, sourced out of India, and incorporates a number of revolutionary design elements to ensure that it meets the highest criteria for sustainability. This is in keeping with Puma’s vision of being the most desirable and sustainable sports-lifestyle brand.

Conceived by Puma India in collaboration with the Puma EEMEA (Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa) regional office, the store is spread over 5,000 sq. ft. While the lower levels will function as a retail area, ‘The Puma Social Club’ cafe and bar will be located on the upper floor and terrace.

“In keeping with our vision of being the most desirable and sustainable sport-lifestyle brand, Puma is happy to take this giant step forward for the retail industry. The building is a true design marvel, and incorporates a host of innovative features to make it a one-of-a-kind store. It has been an honour to establish Puma’s first sustainable retail space in India,” said Rajiv Mehta, Managing Director, Puma South Asia.

The closed and open surface layout of the building is designed for optimal daylight usage and heat insulation, and the recessed first and second floor volume generates a stack-effect for natural cooling. The highly insulated building shell, Earth Air Tunnel for pre-cooling of the fresh air supply and roof extractors optimize the stack-effect, thus allowing for AC free cooling. Solar PV cells have also been installed at the store, which provide 10,384 kwh units of energy a year to help power the store’s energy requirements.

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