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Salvatore Ferragamo exhibit explores the art and craftsmanship behind silk

By Tess Stenzel

29 Mar 2021


Luxury Italian fashion company Salvatore Ferragamo has released a new exhibit titled Silk, exploring the creative process and importance of silk for the fashion house.

Showcasing at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, the exhibition dives through its archives to illustrate the long creative process behind different silk prints used for its scarves.

Users can move through a virtual tour inside the museum to explore silk’s uses dating back to the Silk Road and the cultural exchanges between East and West.

The museum features an installation by the two contemporary Chinese artists, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, entitled ‘Were creatures born celestial?’ to promote a dialogue between art, fashion, and cultural transactions.

Throughout the tour, various silk patterns are displayed. Users can see the inspiration and ideas behind each drawing and how they were developed. There are multiple collages for different references and mood boards that showcase the reconstruction of each silk prints’ creative and cultural origin.

Silk scarfs became important to Salvatore Ferragamo’s brand heritage and identity. Some of the fashion house’s most iconic prints were inspired by nature and the animals that populate exotic landscapes, jungles, and savannahs.

The exhibit takes place till April 18 and is available virtually worldwide in Italian or English.

Image: Salvatore Ferragamo