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Everything to know about the first combined Pure London x JATC trade show

By Rachel Douglass


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AĚCHEVAL. Credits: Pure London x JATC.

Last August, it was revealed that two dominant UK trade shows were to come together in what was dubbed a “milestone” move to bolster their offer and reach. Pure London and its smaller competitor Just Around the Corner (JATC) are now preparing for their first combined event since the takeover, scheduled to take place from February 11 to 13 at Pure London’s home turf of Olympia London.

At the time of the merger announcement, Hyve, the event’s organiser, said that buyers and visitors were to be offered “a transformed show with an increased number of inspirational fashion designers and brands”, combining JATC’s largely Northern-focused demographic with Pure’s broader network of brands, retailers and partners. In total, Pure London x JATC is to now offer a curated selection of over 300 exhibitors with clearly defined divisions for a more cohesive buying experience.

Ahead of the event, FashionUnited has gathered all the information you need to know before attending the new edition of this highly anticipated trade show.

‘Cabinet of curiosity’

AD Magazine. Credits: Pure London x JATC.

A definitive part of this newly combined format is its overarching theme ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’, which marks a “lively new direction in fashion that inspires a sense of wonder, experimentation and joy”. Speaking on this concept, trend forecaster and founder of the show’s creative partner Vesuvius, Malaika Ewande, said: “The main inspiration for the theme was this undeniable fact that we have been seeing markets melt into each other on several levels in the industry, so much so that the resulting products invite curiosity and mystery in the best way possible. Cabinet of Curiosity introduces a space in which the newer values and visions attached to fashion (namely conscious consuming, holistic craftsmanship and a taste for original, creative and lasting products) all collide through contemporary art inspired designs that bring life and movement to the season.”

Australian brands grace the lineup

(From left) Soek, The Brave + True, Talisman. Credits: Pure London x JATC.

A selection of both new and established brands from the other side of the world will be among those beefing up the trade show lineup this season. The inclusion of Australian brands reaffirms Pure London x JATC’s stance as an international showcase, event director Gloria Sandrucci said in a release, offering such labels “a gateway to the European market”. Furthermore, the trade show also noted that many of the brands’ desire to join the roster demonstrates their confidence in the UK market.

Among those taking part are “ethically-sourced” sunglasses brand Soek, womenswear label The Brave + True, and chic-casual design house Sabine Studios. Other brands descending from the region include Talisman, which utilises hand stitching and embroidery for its feminine line, and The Kindred Co, a lifestyle brand offering apparel and accessories for the ready-to-wear sector.

Jewellery category gets an enlargement

(From left) Pig and Hen, Argentina Sibilia, Studio Lia Etoile. Credits: Pure Scoop x JATC.

Considered the “fastest growing” division of the trade show, the Jewellery section will be taking on an enlarged format this year, with a location in the Grand Hall Gallery where dedicated British and international wholesalers will be housed. Brands joining the division include Dutch label Pig & Hen, brass jewellery specialist Argentina Sibilia, Vanessa Murnane’s Amorcito and Spanish brand Studio Lia Etoile, the creator of bead embroidery pieces.

Speaking on the expanded selection, JATC’s creative director, Juls Dawson, said: “Jewellery is the fastest growing destination at Pure London x JATC and as a result the array of brands in fine and fashion jewellery we can host is truly exciting. Buyers are going to delight in the variety, style and volume of brands available to them and following JATC’s specific handwriting, the set up and placement is going to make the buying experience streamlined and cohesive mirroring the flow of the retail environment.”

Spanish fashion showcased through new partnerships

(From left) Skatie, Wearitbe, Vilagallo. Credits: Pure London x JATC.

For this edition, Pure London x JATC has renewed or established new partnerships with ICEX Spain Export and Investment, the Spanish Federation of Clothing Companies, FEDECON and FICE to elevate the presence of Spanish fashion brands at the trade show. Speaking on the expanded deals, Melissa Ramage, international development director, said: “Associations play a pivotal role in shaping industry standards, advocating for sustainability, and championing diversity and inclusion. By aligning our vision with theirs, we ensure that Pure London x JATC becomes a link where innovation and responsibility converge. The UK fashion market is actively seeking new international designers and exciting collections every season, and with the funding provided we’re able to ensure our visitors find what they’re looking for.”

Skatie will be among the brands taking part and representing Spain, bringing to buyers a collection of “sustainable fashion” that is centred around an active lifestyle. Similarly, Vilagallo will be returning to the fair, bringing with it a limited-edition line of wearable garments, while Wearitbe will also be exhibited, showcasing its collection inspired by vintage fashion.

Inclusivity takes centre stage at Pop

(From left) Audrey Hamilton Apparel, Finding Friday, Rejoice Bozho. Credits: Pure London x JATC.

Now heading into its second edition, the Pop division at Pure London x JATC will be taking on an expanded format, elevating its exhibit of diverse and inclusive fashion collections, each embracing gender fluidity or culturally-inspired collections. Both new brands and returning labels will be on display here, selected for their insight into pop culture and connection with the present day. An example of such is Irish premium label Audrey Hamilton Apparel, a Rising Star Award nominee which will be presenting its new line in an art gallery-like setting.

Others to grace the Pop section will be loungewear and accessories brand The Social Club London, a genderless label with versatile styles; newly launched Finding Friday, which will be showing its SS24 capsule for “free-spirited fashionistas”; and recent fashion major graduate Rejoice Bozho, who will offer up its redefined “hiking couture”. Further additions to Pop will also be notable established labels, such as AX Paris, Glamorous, PunkyFish and Nove London, many of which are returning to the event with their own new collections.

IHKIB partners up to exhibit Turkish brands

(From left) BSL, Zems, Shendel. Credits: Pure London x JATC.

Akin to its relationship with Spanish associations, Pure London x JATC is also extending its partnership with Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (IHKIB) as it looks to spotlight Turkish fashion brands for the coming season. The expansion comes as Pure’s Sandrucci noted that brands from this region had been “keen to target the UK customer”, with many relevant labels having already signed up to reflect this sentiment.

Newcomer BSL is one of those, bringing to the table its range of popular, trend-led womenswear. Meanwhile, returnee Shendel will also be present, offering up a curation of collections putting together colour combinations and accessories, with the addition of a Pure exclusive line to further be on show. Zems is another to return to the event, once again presenting its feminine garments that celebrate “glamour and individuality”.

Sustainability’s destination is cemented

(From left) Noema, Tine Aileen, Nudea. Credits: Pure London x JATC.

Another section that will be getting a slight rejuvenation this edition is Sustainability. The emphasis on this division comes as the trade shows look to reaffirm their mission to use the event as a platform “to inform on this critical topic and provide unrivalled advice to independent retailers and exhibitors”. As such, the February edition will be home to a curated selection of “conscious exhibitors”, using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a base to assess the impact of all such attendees.

First time exhibitors that have been added to the show this time round include made-to-measure label Tina Aileen, which will for the first time show off a bridal collection designed using fabric that encourages customers to return to be recycled. Other circular labels on the agenda are sleepwear brand Nudea, a B-Corp that puts to use natural and recycled materials, and Ireland’s Noema, which showcases designs made from biodegradable native fabrics. Meanwhile, Humanity Centred Designs will be hosting its Material Innovation Hub at the show, outlining its process of producing materials from the textile waste of marginalised apparel factories. Alongside this, the organisation will also be presenting its ‘Humanity’ fashion collection, all designed in neutral colours and patterns.

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