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Indx outlines buying trends set to dominate upcoming trade shows

By Rachel Douglass


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Indx Menswear show. Image: Indx

Following what Associated Independent Stores (AIS) said was a “successful Q1 of trading”, the firm has now outlined the buying trends that it is expecting to witness during its upcoming Indx trade shows for this year.

According to AIS, attendance to the events so far have been “strong”, despite the current economic climate, with exhibitor income also increasing from the previous year.

One of its defining trends was that of sustainability, triggered by the growing demand from consumers for greener business practices, resulting in Indx exhibitors in fashion bolstering their own efforts through offsetting shipping or recycling programmes.

Evidence at this could be seen at underwear label Nudea, an exhibitor at the February Intimate Apparel show, who became B Corp certified last year, and childrenswear supplier Mai, which presented its organic fabrics at January’s Indx Kids show.

Staple pieces were also a major focus for buyers, as they look to make more “considered” purchases in light of the cost-of-living crisis, AIS noted, which has made them in favour of continuity and year-long relevance.

This could be seen in the choice of softer, neutral colour pallets, which were highly prominent among collections.

This directly linked into Indx’s observation that buyers found “more value in the intimate nature of in-person exhibitions”, which allowed exhibitors to put the USPs of products to the forefront.

Another trend to look out for was the contrasting appeal of big brands, which drew in buyers for their trustworthy operations, and small businesses, which tend to be trend-driven and niche.

Indx called small businesses an “integral part” of spearheading growth in fashion, with independent stores having shown “considerable prominence in the footwear market”.