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Labels to Watch: 5 Brands to look out for at the upcoming Pure London x JATC

By Rachel Douglass


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Pure London July 2023, interior. Credits: Pure London.

As we continue to descend into the trade fair season, participating brand rosters are beginning to be unveiled for each respective show. This remains true for the newly combined Pure London x JATC – two UK trade shows that announced a merger last year in a bid to boost both their offer and reach. And it appears the move has received a stamp of approval by attending brands, resulting in a series of category expansions and new features being introduced to the event.

Ahead of the show, set to take place at Olympia London from February 11 to 13, FashionUnited has gathered some labels to keep a lookout for when attending the upcoming affair.


Chalk. Credits: Pure London.

Lifestyle brand Chalk has an offering that spans classic staple clothing to home interior to items for pets. Its overarching essence, however, is based in a specific colour palette of muted and neutral tones, largely centred around navies, greys and beiges. Since its founding in 2017, the company has remained family-owned and women-led, even as it experienced a significant uptick in its presence throughout the UK and overseas, across which it has been welcomed into the offerings of over 600 stores globally.

About Chalk

  • Founded: 2017
  • Philosophy: Independent and family-run, with an emphasis on shopping local and supporting small businesses
  • Points of sale: Chalk sells both through its own website and store network, as well as in a wide selection of boutiques across the UK and Ireland, including Sudbury-based AG Lifestyle, Two by Two in Ulverston and Ackworth Flower Shop
  • Price: For basic tops and trousers, prices range from 30 to 65 pounds, while dresses, sweaters and jackets are in the range of 67 to 125 pounds
  • Division at Pure London x JATC: Women
  • Peachaus

    Peachaus. Credits: Pure London.

    Early 2022, Gillian Ridley Whittle, a former Topsop fashion director, teamed up with interim Versace CEO Cedric Wilmotte to launch Peachaus, a lifestyle label that looked to tackle the lack of sustainable underwear in the industry. Following the values of being “humanly and environmentally responsible”, the brand offers up feminine collections of versatile and considered products that further bolster its mission of creative collaboration. There is a particular emphasis on material for Peachaus, having already incorporated the likes of “ethical” cotton, bamboo and recycled polyester into its supply chain.

    About Peachaus

  • Founded: 2022
  • Philosophy: Alongside a mission of driving purposeful creative collaboration, Peachaus’ values are centred around the utilisation of ethical and sustainable material inclusion in order to leave a positive imprint on the world
  • Points of sale: Peachaus products can be purchased through its online store and at a number of UK-based partners, including Wolf & Badger, Jo & Co Home and Generous Ape
  • Production: Peachaus’ transparency extends into its production, with the company stating that everything is made in Portugal with raw materials sourced in Europe – not including its sleepwear range which is produced in India’s Bandana Ltd factory
  • Price: Underwear prices start at 18 pounds and go up to 60 pounds, clothing – including sweatshirts, leggings and T-shirts – can be found between 45 and 85 pounds, and sleepwear is in the range of 45 to 65 pounds
  • Division at Pure London x JATC: Sustainable
  • PunkyFish

    PunkyFish. Credits: Pure London.

    Following its return to the UK market with a renewed website, the original Y2K fashion brand PunkyFish is preparing to once again make waves in the girl’s and women’s sector with a new collection that refines its former signature “vibrancy”. Akin to the values that it was based on after its initial birth, the London brand will continue to draw inspiration from the identity of the streets, picking up where it left off yet on what it said is a bolder and more assertive note.

    About PunkyFish

  • Founded: 2001
  • Philosophy: PunkyFish is very much grounded in the lifestyle of young, fashion-forward women, with a mission to provide clothing that helps them to express themselves with confidence
  • Points of sale: Currently, the brand sells through its core e-commerce site
  • Price: Tops and jumpers range from 39 to 89 pounds, while jackets and hoodies sit between 69 and 109 pounds
  • Division at Pure London x JATC: Pop
  • Outerknown

    Outerknown. Credits: Pure London.

    In both its men’s and women’s collections, Outerknown looks to offer an overarching “utility style”, with items that it says are “functional, practical with a cool edge and made to last a lifetime”. A brief visit to the brand’s website will reveal a slew of facts, figures and achievements made in the realm of environmental impact, with detailed improvements including an increase of preferred fibre usage, an ethically-motivated diversification of its supplier partnerships, and the various labour-led certifications it has attained over the past few years, among many others.

    About Outerknown

  • Founded: 2014
  • Philosophy: Supply chain transparency and sustainable production are at the helm of Outerknown’s values, evident in the brand’s detailed Sustainability Roadmap and in information entirely accessible to the public
  • Points of sale: Outerknown operates its own stores throughout the US, and in the UK counts the likes of John Lewis among its retail partners. In Europe, it has relationships with retailers in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal
  • Production: Outerknown has been intentional in its sourcing methods and selection of farming partners since its inception, and offers up a detailed list of its suppliers on its e-commerce site to ensure full transparency in this division
  • Price: Tops – including T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets for men and women – sit between 125 and 240 pounds, while bottoms – such as shorts, chinos and sweatpants – range from 85 to 175 pounds
  • Division at Pure London x JATC: Sustainable
  • Powerplay Brands

    Powerplay Brands - Lee. Credits: Pure London.

    Manchester-based clothing supplier Powerplay Brands will be among the dynamic range of Accessories at the upcoming trade show, offering a selection of underwear, loungewear, nightwear, swimwear, slippers and socks from a number of notable brands, including Reebok, DKNY, Lee, Wrangler and Ben Sherman.

    About Powerplay Brands

  • Founded: 2007
  • Production: The company manufacturers in China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey from “fully audited factories”
  • Distribution: The group operates six brands across over 50 countries, through two distribution centres – one in Manchester and one in Poland – that stock over 10,000 stores
  • Division at Pure London x JATC: Accessories
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