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Mumbai to host children’s expo CBME in April


Mumbai to host children’s expo CBME in April

By Meenakshi Kumar

23 Mar 2017

Children Baby Maternity Expo (CBME) will be held in Mumbai from April 11 to 13. CBME is the largest children and maternity product business expo in India. It offers business opportunities for local and global manufacturers and sellers of baby products to connect, network and conduct business with a choice of dealers, distributors, influencers and merchandise heads from modern retail businesses, online retailers, service providers, business investors and franchisee seekers.

An exhaustive spectrum of baby care products will be on display along with toys, baby food, organic clothing, nutraceuticals, ergonomic furniture, stationery, infant safety technology, brain development tools and more. Among the participating countries are Australia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, US, UK, Canada and Italy. More than 150 major global and Indian exhibitors will be present. The event will facilitate interactive forums like knowledge-sharing seminars, workshops and panel discussions on pertinent topics.

Brands will make their presence felt through a rich array of quality, technologically-advanced and aesthetically pleasing international products. The expo will also include a start-up pavilion that encourages innovative ideas in the sector; premium fashion accessories and clothing from both well-known and emerging designers, brands and manufacturers; an innovation product corner that will showcase creations that highlight design excellence, product safety and innovations, and many more.