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TPF Shanghai: Debut 'Design Pavilion’ an added attraction

By Meenakshi Kumar

27 Feb 2017

The 8th edition of Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Fair (TPF) will open its doors at Shanghai New International Expo Centre from April 19 to 21, 2017. As the most influential digital printing exhibition in Asia, TPF 2017 will attract over 230 exhibitors. With an exhibition space of 20,000 sq. mt. this year's TPF will feature a ‘Design Pavilion’ to help accelerate development of original design. Digital printing will meet updated consumption trends as it realises the production model of small-batches with high speed.

TPF 2017 aims at impelling the development of digital printing industry, and creating a platform for technical communication and business opportunities for both suppliers and buyers. In response to the appeal of digital printing suppliers for a talk with end-users and identification of needs and expectations of designers and consumers, TPF will join with Walan to introduce the ‘Design Pavilion’ to connect all important points in the supply chain.

Walan provides advanced services for all key segments of original design. Walanwalan.com is the largest service platform for digital design; Walan Institute is a professional open-ended class, and Walan is also a trade base for Jiangsu copyright licensing, in the form of a company named Jiangsu Walan Intellectual Property Co., Ltd, which defines its strategic goal of convenient, efficient and affordable to provide services in all design copyright area. Yu Guoping, GM, Walan says, "Copyright protection boosts prosperity of originality, and prosperity of originality boosts the industry. In order to avoid the malignant price war in the saturated digital textile printing market, we focus on cultivation of more Chinese designers and protection of picture patents in China to speed up fabric development and improve market competitiveness."

Design Pavilion makes a debut

The Design Pavilion led by Walan will have its first show at TPF 2017. More than 10 printing design studios will attend TPF 2017 covering more than 180 sq. m. Among them are Anterprima and STD (Korea) who will display fashion and attractive designs. ‘Walan Institute – Digital Design Master Class’, organised by Walan Institute, walanwalan.com and UBM China will be held during the exhibition. Experts will share their views on hottest topics; the Director of Anterprima, Chiara will deliver a speech on printing design and fashion industry and Jin Nanyuan, VP, Walanwalan.com, will discuss training practice of Chinese designers. insA lively hand-drawing will showcase onsite, and is expected to attract a lot of attention.

The force behind TPF

Walan established in 2012, has attracted more than 30,000 customers from 11 countries and more than 3000 pattern design studios at home and abroad with its "on-line fitting", "image identification", "copyright registration", and "Walan Institute". It helps customers accelerate fabric development efficiency and reduce development costs. It also supports designers to realize the free design and to start their own business. In September 2015, Transfer Chemicals (002010) implemented 28 million strategic sharing investment, committed to build the world's leading pattern designing service platform.

UBM China (Shanghai) is committed to building the trade platforms for specialized communities through exhibitions and conferences targeting children, baby and maternity products, game developers, marketing professionals, telecom engineering management, ecommerce specialists, pharmaceutical companies and logistics managers.