With new FDI norms for online retailers, Amazon’s Global Store in India has dropped some products from its inventory list. From a peak of six million products before February, there are just about 6,000 products under this entity on Amazon India, according to Marketplace Pulse — a data platform on online marketplaces.

India is the third market after China and Mexico to have such a facility where Indians cab buy products from the US directly via the local marketplace. In previous years, Indians bought directly from the US during popular sale events like Black Friday. At the time of the launch, Amazon had created a separate page for global products on its Indian marketplace.

Consumers can still buy from the US site of Amazon, but that has multiple restrictions over payment methods and overall shopping experience. Global Store allows Indians to pay in local currency. The new draft e-commerce policy would throw additional challenges too since it requires that every seller entity must be registered in India.


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