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Jacquemus CEO to step down

By Rachel Douglass


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Bastien Daguzan, former Jacquemus CEO and president. Credits: Jacquemus.

The chief executive officer of Jacquemus, Bastien Daguzen, is stepping down from the helm position of the French luxury brand effective immediately.

The move was confirmed in a statement to Business of Fashion by a spokesperson for the brand, which read: “Bastien has been a driving force behind the business and its leadership. We wish him well in his new endeavour.”

Daguzan also added in his own comment to the media outlet: “I would like to thank Simon [Jacquemus, the brand’s creative director] for his trust and the incredible journey we have been on together with the team.

“He has always been an immense source of inspiration; I am so proud to have been a part of this adventure.”

The news comes weeks after it was reported that Daguzan was to also take on the president role at the label, expanding his title while Jacquemus was to remain on as creative director and shareholder.

At the time of the announcement, Daguzan said in a statement to Vogue Business that the appointment was a “formal recognition of our duo, a reflection of the reality of the business and a signal of mutual trust”.

Daguzan first joined Jacquemus as CEO during March 2022, entering the company after serving as general manager of Paco Rabanne over the span of five years.

Prior to this, he had held managerial roles and executive positions at Lemaire and Krisvanasche, where he was sales executive and, later, sales and development director.

The expansion of his role at Jacquemus came amid the brand projection of double digit growth for the year 2023, alongside preparations for its next show, ‘Les Sculptures’, scheduled for January 29 and taking place at the Fondation Maeght.