Sanjeev Rao has been appointed Director, Raymond Trade Sales and Relationship for Raymond Apparel and will continue working towards overseeing business development following a restructuring of its leadership. Rao, who joined Raymond in 2015 as Director, Business Development, will now focus on trade sales and relationships. He will be responsible for sales and distribution for Raymond’s subsidiary Park Avenue Women’s wear as well as international markets for the brand’s apparel line.

The reason for the restructuring is Raymond is putting all trade sales and relationship activities in their apparel sector under one vertical to streamline operations. Rao was appreciated for his work as Director, Business Development as he delivered strong results in the two years he worked in that position. It is therefore expected that he will bring the same dynamism and motivation to his new role. He has been also praised for creating structure in business development processes and creating awareness about Raymond’s retail portfolio. The company expects that this restructuring will further drive growth.


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