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Yasuhito Hirota joins Asics as President and COO

By Prachi Singh


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Asics Corporation has named Yasuhito Hirota as President and COO, who will take up the new role on March 29, 2018.

Commenting on Hirota’s appointment, Motoi Oyama, Asics CEO, who became President of Asics in 2008, and was appointed Chairman of the board in March 2017, said in a statement: “Approaching my eleventh year in the role, the decision to appoint a new president was taken in order to ensure that the group can advance as one towards the next stage of our medium-term strategy, the ASICS Growth Plan (AGP) 2020. After becoming Chairman of the board last year, I decided that this would be the correct time to hand over the role of president to Hirota, and let him oversee the practical management of the company.”

Hirota joins Asics from Mitsubhishi Corporation where he served for almost 38 years and most recently worked as executive vice president and head of regional strategy for Japan.

“It is a great honor for me to accept the position of President and COO with Asics Corporation. Working in conjunction with Oyama and the Asics senior management team, I am ready to continue the global progress of the Asics Group,” added Hirota.


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