Arvind Fashion Brands along with its joint venture partner legendary Sachin Tendulkar has launched an iconic premium men’s wear apparel and accessories brand called True Blue. True to its name, the brand re-interprets traditional Indian heritage in the modern context, making it relevant to the spirit of the global Indian.

True Blue represents modern India and Tendulkar being admired and loved all over the world yet unchanged by success, mirrors the brand’s DNA and brings in perfect synergy between both the partners. The apparel range designed and led by his persona will showcase 300 styles inspired from the heart of India.

Arvind Lifestyle Brands is currently working on further establishing its existing brands in India, which include Gap, Ed Hardy, Gant, and Nautica, rather than introducing new ones although the business is open to the idea. Alongside this, Arvind will be scaling up operations for True Blue.

Arvind Fashion Brands is a brand new venture from Arvind, India’s largest integrated textile player and one of the oldest and most respected groups in the textile business in India. Arvind Fashion Brands was set-up in early 2015, with the objective of introducing desirable homegrown apparel brands with the Arvind promise of quality.


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