Arvind has opened its first luxe version Creyate store in Bangalore. The store looks and feels more upscale than the regular format. A few more such outlets are planned for other cities. Arvind launched the Creyate brand in 2015 and now has over dozen regular Creyate stores across India. The textile major now plans to double the number of stores in the next one year.

Creyate is a mass customised men’s wear brand rather than a bespoke offering and is mostly located in metros. Luxury Creyate stores are a different version. The average bill size per transaction is close to Rs 1 lakh in luxury stores compared to Rs 30,000 at regular Creyate stores.

The average starting price for suits at Arvind’s luxury Creyate store will be higher than Rs 60,000 and the strategy is to focus more on its range of suits that cost Rs 2 lakh and more. In comparison, customers can get suits made for as low as Rs 24,000 at regular Creyate stores.

Suits at Creyate luxury store range from Rs 60,000 to Rs 2 lakh and more. All of the company’s Creyate stores are profitable and growing at over 20 per cent on a like-to-like basis.


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