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Baccarose launches Polish cosmetics brand Dr Irena Eris in India

By Prachi Singh


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Dr Irena Eris Credits: Baccarose

Baccarose has added Polish cosmetics brand Dr Irena Eris brand to its beauty portfolio.

Dr Irena Eris brand is known for its commitment to scientific research, evidenced by its centre for science and research in Poland and innovative breakthroughs in skin regeneration technology. The company said in a release that the brand's commitment to luxury is reflected in its unique Skin Regeneration Reactivator and world-class scientific discoveries in skincare.

Commenting on the India launch, Kadambari Lakhani, director, Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products said: "Baccarose is thrilled to bring the exquisite world of Dr Irena Eris to India, offering a sophisticated blend of science and luxury in skincare. Dr Irena Eris's meticulously curated collections cater to the diverse needs of a diverse range of Indian women."

The company added that the brand's exclusive offerings cater to women over 25 years of age and their variety of skin concerns, providing effective solutions for normal, combination, and dry skin types.

"We understand Indian women's varied needs and offer carefully curated collections that go beyond just surface beauty. Our skincare range brings out the best in Indian skin, reflecting our commitment to quality, authenticity, and personalised care," added Dr Irena Eris, co-owner and founder of the Polish company.

Dr Irena Eris