Being Human keeps its focus on fashion that’s affordable and trendy

Being Human is betting big on denim with embellished denim top and bottom wear along with jersey dresses, and basic straight forward shapes are some interesting additions for the brand. “Denims are more than just bottoms today. They are a canvas for us, for self-expression, creativity, making a statement. Ripped, flared, printed, embellished, tinted, washed, patched, we love our denims to be a statement of who we are. We are adopting fashion that provides comfort, and is reflective of our personality,” opines Bijoya Mukherji, Head (Design) women’s wear, Being Human. Mukherji says the women’s denim segment is growing consistently, especially, in the past 4-5 years. While denims are considered just ‘pants’ for men in but for women it’s a power statement.

“Our market ranges from low, mid, to high quality products at competitive prices, across cities, with varied earning power, low and mid priced segments are making their way. Fashion that is affordable and comfortable has highest salability,” Mukherji believes. They see a growing contribution of salaries on clothing every year, mid segment, is growing, since, they provide quick and semi durable fashion, that works best for a growing country like India, at affordable prices.

Growth curve ahead

Talking about growth prospects, she adds, “Indian market is extensive and competitive in terms of products and pricing. For most consumers, fashion is mistaken for fad instead of a lifestyle. Hence, cheaper products that could last a season or two are preferred. Having said that, fashion is becoming extremely personal. More products are being designed keeping psychographics in mind. Fashion is becoming more self-expressive, while not compromising on comfort and ease.” By constantly innovating styles, textures, prints, graphics, Being Human plans to move ahead in this highly competitive market.