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Clench Denim looks at stronger pan India presence

By Meenakshi Kumar

20 Sep 2016

When you think of denim, you think unisex. Most leading brands make denim wear for both men and women. But Clench Denims is one of those few brands which exclusively caters to women. A mid-segment brand, it caters to the younger section of women with its trendy and stylish range of jeans. The brand has seen good growth and hopes to continue with the same growth in the coming season. The forthcoming Autum/Winter season is an active one as sales will increase during this period.

“The USP of the brand is fitting and fabric. Its collection range includes torn, ripped jeans in different sizes and fits. Most popular are the narrow and comfort fit. The colours are the regular ones such as black, light and dark shades of blue,” says Masum Khandor, partner. The brand has many types of washes such as cloud, enzymes, viscous, china, tint, spray, acid, tearing and crimping. It has 50 per cent basic and 50 per cent denims in the collection. The fabric used is mostly stretchable and 90 per cent of it is from the mills and 10 per cent imported from China.

Women’s denim story grows

Khandor points out women denim wear market is a very potential market. Today, 20-25 per cent people are wearing denims. “In cities 70-80 per cent people prefer to wear denim. The brand targets small as well as big cities. There is competition in the market as womenswear segment has various categories like jegging, leggings, ethnic, formal and western wear. Denim is so preferred because of its lifelong use and long-lasting quality.” The women denim market is still in its nascent stage of growth whereas the mens’ denim market is booming. In the future the denim market for women will have a good growth as the new generation today is totally dependent on jeans. The market has gone through vast changes, previously the collection used was too be vibrant and had hand work but today the fashion has changed. It is more subtle and can be worn in offices too.

Denim is a booming market

In India, denim has a dual role. It serves as a fashion trend as well as helps to break social barriers as people from different economic strata of society are wearing it. Denim has been a growing market. In 2015, India’s denim production rose to 1.2 billion metres. The country’s denim capacity is far higher than the current production; 300 million metres more can be produced each year. Denim makes up 35 per cent of total textile exports from India and is expected to rise to 45 per cent by 2020. The production capacity is expected to rise to 1.5 billion metres by 2020.

Says Khandor informs, “The brand is present in Delhi, Punjab, Bengaluru, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and in other northern areas. Cities are doing well for the brand. Clench Denims plans to have pan India presence. The brand wants to expand in states like Kolkata, Uttarakhand, Kerala and Assam.”