Club Factory, a leading fashion e-com platform plans to make significant investments in warehousing, delivery, technology and marketing to become the one-stop fashion marketplace for both Indian SME sellers and consumers. The company is focusing on signing up more sellers to make further inroads in the lifestyle category in India. It plans to leverage a hybrid model of data technology and local seller insights to ultimately drive the virtuous cycle of the ecosystem. The company is also helping hyper-local sellers by keeping them abreast with the fast-changing e-commerce landscape in India and meet consumer expectations.

Club Factory uses its proprietary big-data and AI technology to manage supply chain effectively, recommend relevant products to the users and source the product in real-time, thereby helping reshape the Indian retail efficiency. By leveraging the power of data technology, the company is empowering Indian SMEs to anticipate consumer demands better and fulfil it by enhancing product sourcing and manufacturing process line.

Club Factory will also expand into other categories this year, to add to its wide selection of modern, trendy and unique products ranging from apparels, shoes, jewellery, home decor, handbags, and beauty products to gadgets.


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