In its attempt to avoid confusion amongst customers and attract maximum traffic to its website, Fynd, the unique fashion e-commerce portal, has found new domain name that summons India’s exclusive fashion e-commerce portal, Fynd. It has changed its domain name from gofynd to Fynd Obtaining the new domain name has been difficult and a long wait for the company.

Fynd Co-Founder, Harsh Shah stated the previous domain was causing a lot of conflicts in the minds of customers. Negotiation for acquiring this domain name was on for a year. A typical four-character domain name price ranges from 50 million to 1.5 million US dollars, making it a tough fight to put up. He further added, switching to a new domain could boost new search rankings, increase search engine visibility and not lose traffic. Web traffic is vital for business and attracting the right visitors will only help generate qualified leads and drive more sales. Currently, the ratio at which Fynd is growing is impressive there is no barrier to impede Fynd’s growth journey.

With Fynd’s latest funding led by Google, the fashion e-commerce portal has a foremost boost to improve its activities. By controlling technology and investing in continuous innovations such as the domain name change.


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