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In GIFs: Impressions at Amsterdam-based trade fair, Modefabriek

By Heidi Law


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Modefabriek is a bi-annual trade show highlighting Dutch and international fashion scene. If you missed the 2019 WInter edition, checkout these GIFs and images to get a feel of this lively event.

These stylish and strong racks from FashionRacks are held up by nothing but the invisible magnetic force, enabling retailers to customise their retail fixtures easily. The racks would not budge if pulled from the front, yet comes off gently and effortlessly if flipped at an angle.

Augmented reality gives the possibility to create an enhanced shopping experience out of thin air.

The fast fashion chain Zara have already tinkered with this technology: customers are given iPads, where they can scan real-life models in a fashion show to get more information about the product they are wearing.

Customisation continues to be a theme at the fair. A number of brands invited various artists to create customisations for their collection on the spot.

Komrads, a Belgium shoe brand that makes sneakers from recycled plastics, brings in a touch of surrealism with artist Lenah DeWit. The collaboration offered a series of cute yet absurd icons, from which shoppers can pick to be hand-painted onto sneakers.

The spirit of Magritte is well and alive with the brand.

Abstract painted sweaters are also shown. From Butcher of Blue, these down-to-earth sweaters are adorned with geometric designs from artist Stefan Ormeling.

These programmable embroidery machines make designs come to life, where multi-colour threads are sewed onto fabric automatically. A range of products from Le Cafe Noir studio are personalised with the designs from Tegendraads.

The organisers have thoughtful touches throughout the event to make things fun for all visitors - like this photo spot.

This is what you get if you shoot through the hole - these attractive balloons make the perfect photo backdrop!

Branding is at the heart of the event. The theme of bubble runs throughout the event - from large fixtures such as the carpet and the ball pool, down to the makeup and nails of the friendly event assistants. A dot underneath each eye, and subtle dots for the nails, every detail was well thought out. 'This is a way of communication and creates a point of recognition for people that are visiting the Modefabriek', commented Bo Haberland, PR & branding specialist from the Expert Advice corner at the event.

Photo credit: FashionUnited