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India Family Mart targets having 100 stores by end of this fiscal

By Meenakshi Kumar


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Value retail chain 1-India Family Mart has 75 stores across India. This Diwali, 1-India Family Mart launched five more stores in north India and, by the end of this financial year, 20 more stores will be launched across north and east India, which will bring the total to 100 stores. Established in 2012, 1-India Family Mart aims at providing affordable fashion and general merchandise. It is mainly present across UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and the north east. It is an idea-driven firm with customer centricity at the core of its operations.

The typical store size is around 8,000 sq ft and is generally high street. The chain retails mainly garments and household items like carpets, curtains, kitchen items, and some women’s accessories.

Since B and C class cities mainly have only home-grown small retailers, Nysaa, which runs the chain, focuses on giving them an experience of getting exposed to a variety of design and colors at one place. More than shopping, for customers in these regions 1-India Family Mart stores have become a family hangout spot as there are very limited options for recreation in those cities. As for in-store activities, the designs and campaigns are changed every six months.

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