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Infographic: How US consumers discovered, searched and purchased products in 2019

By Huw Hughes


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Ninety percent of US shoppers are more likely to buy a product if it is visually searchable on smartphones, according to a new report which tracked the way consumers shopped in 2019.

In a survey of over 1,000 Americans, global consumer intelligence company ViSenze also found that shoppable content (43 percent) and product recommendations (40 percent) were other types of technologies consumers most like to see in their shopping experience.

Additionally, 87 percent said they were more likely to buy a product if it was easily searchable with an image search function on their smartphones, while 75 percent said they would like a ‘similar product’ recommendation if what they’re looking for isn’t immediately available.

“Since the rise of ‘visual social’ from all things Instagram worthy and video sharing, visual search has become one of the most important tools that consumers can be equipped with,” said Cheryl Guzman, head of global marketing at ViSenze. “Our smartphones today are more feature-rich than ever and they've evolved beyond communication tools, now also serving as a consumer's personal shopping assistant. That’s why it's even more important for visual search capabilities to be integrated directly within those devices so they are available at shoppers' fingertips.”

Below is the full infographic by ViSenze revealing the top shopping trends from US consumers in 2019.

Guzman continued: “Every year we compile this data to see how consumers' expectations have evolved in order to help marketers and brands meet those demands, and we've found that consumers are becoming more comfortable and apt at using these smart technologies to help them find what they want to buy – turning fashion inspiration to gratification.”

Article photo: Tofros.com, Pexels. Infographic: ViSenze

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