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Ishita Khosla launches online styling platform ‘Confidress'


Ishita Khosla launches online styling platform ‘Confidress'

By Meenakshi Kumar

13 Dec 2017

Ishita Khosla has launched an online styling platform called Confidress that aims to pair users with outfits and products that match their personal tastes and lifestyle as chosen by professional stylists. Confidress is both an online fashion boutique and personalised styling service. Customers can upload information about themselves such as their body type, personal style, and budget, and then the site’s personal stylists will create outfits tailored specifically to the customer that can be shopped from Confidress’s online store.

The company is targeting every person who wants to look and feel good no matter the budget. It offers clothing and accessories for men and women including Indian and Western wear across all budget ranges. It is also offering free personal styling for a limited time to consumers and therefore, charging a nominal commission from brands for marketing and selling their products.

The brand is active on social media providing followers latest styling tips, trend alerts and fashion news. Each post aims to educate followers something new about fashion.