Japanese value retailer Miniso makes India a supply hub


Japanese value retailer Miniso makes India a supply hub

by Shubhangi Bidwe
13 Aug 2019

Miniso is forging partnerships with manufacturers to make India one of its supply hubs. In the two years since its launch in India, the Japanese value retailer has opened 110 stores across 41 cities. The plan is to open about 70 stores this year. Miniso will purchase products in India and export to other countries. India will be the second biggest purchase country for Miniso. Some makeup and textile products are already being exported from India though right now these are on a small scale. Going forward it will invest in India from retail to sourcing.

Miniso is known for low-cost products such as mobile phone accessories, handbags, storage boxes, stationery, perfumes etc. As a result, it has opened in top cities, and Tier II markets such as Jalandhar, Kanpur, Howrah etc. Miniso updates products every seven days and targets intelligent consumer product chains. Worldwide Miniso is in some 2,600 stores in 60 countries including India, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States. Miniso strives to provide consumers with smarter, simpler and stylish products. It takes product structure optimization and product management as its priority, with designs from Japan, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia and China.