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Polo brand La Martina to expand to more cities in India

By Meenakshi Kumar

15 May 2016

After its debut in New Delhi and Hyderabad, iconic Argentinean sports and leisure clothing manufacturer brand La Martina will be expanding to other cities in India. It came to India through Luxus Retail.

The sportswear brand which turned 30 in 2015, sells a comprehensive range of tailored clothing, eyewear, leather goods, technical equipment, fragrances and accessories. The brand was created by Italian-Argentinian Lando Simonetti in the mid-1980s after a long and successful fashion and accessories career in the US. The brand which he created was completely dedicated to research, development, production and marketing of technical equipment for polo players.

La Martina has been designated the official supplier of the Argentina polo teams by the Argentinean Polo Association as well as the official supplier of Federation of International Polo at all international tournaments. Presently, the brand is commercially present in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and South-east Asia with more than 70 exclusive outlets in Buenos Aires, Palm Beach, Miami, Las Vegas, St Tropez, Milan, Lyon, Porto Cervo, Capri, Dubai, Doha, Cancun, Kuala Lumpur and India.