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Revstance launches as new marketplace for indie designers and jewellers

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Revstance

A new marketplace for independent designers and jewellers has launched as a response to the current economic environment and the swathes of fast fashion in the industry.

Revstance looks to provide consumers with the tools needed to make conscious and sustainable purchasing decisions, offering pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase cycles through its platform.

In a release, the UK-based company said: “We’re going beyond a conventional marketplace and re-thinking fashion e-commerce from the ground up, creating an ecosystem beneficial for consumers, brands and the environment.”

In order to further aid independent brands that have been uniquely or negatively impacted by the current economic climate, the platform also said it would be bringing all of its tax calculation logic in-house.

The move is in consideration of new tax rules formed around Brexit, which it said has made international selling more complex for both UK and EU brands and consumers.

The internal capability will allow the company to quickly adapt to changes in legislation, while automatically calculating the correct price of products for brands, including the relevant taxes.

The feature, which is something Revstance wants to extend over time, is also directed at helping brands expand internationally and reach a global market.

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